Episode 7

Spreading Ukrainian Culture (and Good Wishes) with Andrea Kulish

Published on: 18th April, 2022

Today, we are joined by Andrea Kulish, a first-generation Ukrainian-American artist, and designer. In this episode, you’ll see Ukraine through her eyes and her eggs; her pysanky eggs that is! Pysanky are Ukrainian Easter eggs decorated using the wax-resist or batik method. Covered in intricate motifs often taken from Slavic folk art, these eggs are an important art form that dates back centuries. Andrea’s studio, Studio A, where you will find her pysanky and other mixed media artwork, is located in the vibrant River Arts District in downtown Asheville, which you will also gain some insight about during today’s conversation. Tune in as we dive into the process of creating pysanky, from selecting a good egg to planning your color palette, and the history behind this important art form, including some of the most common symbols and their meanings. Andrea shares her mission to spread Ukrainian culture (and good wishes) through her pysanky, and we also touch on the significance of eggs in Ukraine, how artists find hope by creating it, and the work Andrea is doing to fundraise for Ukrainian relief efforts, plus so much more! Make sure not to miss today’s fascinating discussion with the one and only, Andrea Kulish!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Louise Glickman introduces today’s guest, Andrea Kulish, and her pysanky eggs.
  • Andrea shares some insight into the vibrant River Arts District and her studio there.
  • What her role as Marketing Director for the River Arts District entails.
  • Some of Andrea’s earliest memories of art-making, influenced by her art teacher mom.
  • Learn more about Andrea’s background and family history.
  • The process of creating pysanky, starting with selecting a ‘good egg’!
  • Why it’s important to ‘plan your sequence’ by deciding on your color palette ahead of time.
  • How to write, not paint, a pysanky using melted beeswax.
  • Understanding the legacy and heritage behind this important artform.
  • Decoding some of the most common pysanky symbols, colors, and their meanings.
  • The significance of eggs in eastern Europe and how Easter is celebrated in Ukraine.
  • The time Andrea spends on each pysanky and insight into her work as a graphic designer.
  • How artists find hope by creating it; hear about the project, ‘Randy Shull Honors Ukraine’.
  • Learn about the work that Andrea is doing to fundraise for Ukrainian relief efforts.
  • Andrea shares her mission to spread Ukrainian culture with her pysanky.
  • Find out where the funds that Andrea is raising are being allocated and where to donate.
  • The Ukrainian community in Asheville, which Andrea describes as fourth wave immigrants.
  • How you can contribute to Musicians for the Greater Good and Ukrainian relief efforts.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Andrea Kulish — https://www.ashevillestudioa.com/

Andrea Kulish on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreakulish/

Andrea Kulish on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/avlstudioa/

Pysanka Website — https://www.pysanky.info/

Pink Dog Creative — https://www.pinkdog-creative.com/

Musicians for the Greater Good — http://musiciansforthegreatergood.org/

Ukrainian National Women’s League of America — https://unwla.org/

Artsville Podcast — https://artsville.captivate.fm/

Scott “Sourdough” Power — https://www.notarealartist.com/

Louise Glickman — https://www.louiseglickman.com/

Daryl Slaton — http://www.tailsofwhimsy.com/

Crewest Studio — https://creweststudio.com/

Sand Hill Artists Collective (SHAC) — https://sandhillartists.com/

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